New Beginnings

The decision to start a new business

You have a successful career!  You are supporting a family and have a moderate lifestyle! Why would you give this up?  This is exactly what I decided to do in July 2019.  I decided to start my own recruitment business.  With a small cash injection, the wheels were in motion.  Filled with fear, trepidation and dread, I spoke to my employer of nearly a decade and informed them of my decision.

So, the planning began.  Where to start?  The first step was to write a sensible business plan that would keep me focused and on track from an operational, strategic and financial prospective.  The business plan was one of the most exciting exercises to undertake.  It is a cathartic experience that focuses the mind.  There are many finance and human resource recruitment businesses out there, how would mine be any different? 

With planning comes the thought about brand and company name.  Whilst Joe Savidge recruitment or Savidge recruitment (as suggested by a few), have a certain ring about them, it was not projecting the image that I wanted to go for.  My grandmother, Mable Bridgman, and I had a close bond, so the name Able Bridge seemed personal and would always remind me of the core values that I have been taught to live by; Treat people in the way you would want to be treated at all times.

As a unique offering, I decided to take the business down a socially responsible route and decided that a percentage of Able Bridge profits will be donated to charity.  Initially the thought was to let future customers decide which charity they wanted their proportion of my fees to go to; however from an accounting and administrative prospective, this would cause some complications.  The charities that I am close to are JDRF ( and Health in Mind (

So, what is it that Able Bridge recruitment does?  Effectively, we are an HR and Finance recruitment business that place HR professionals and Accounting staff into contract and permanent roles throughout the central belt of Scotland.  Our fundamental premise is to work with people, to deal with them in a human way and as mentioned earlier treat individuals in the way that I would want to be treated.  The types of positions that Able Bridge Recruitment fill range from HR generalists, compensation and benefits specialists, recruiters as well as manager and director level roles.  Within finance, all levels from transactional finance to senior director level posts are covered.

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