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Able Bridge Recruitment is an HR and Accountancy/Finance recruitment business that services the needs of clients across the Scottish central belt and Scottish borders. We aim to be leading the market in the delivery of bespoke recruitment projects. The essence of our business is to work ethically with respect and empathy at the core of the business.

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The aim of Able Bridge Recruitment is to business partner our clients

to understand their requirement’s, but also consult candidates on the

career path they choose. Effectively we want to be the bridge that

accelerates your career as well as builds your teams.

In 2019, after nearly 20 years of recruiting for various corporate

companies, I decided to create my own brand within the recruitment

space. There were several factors that were essential for me to build

into the business. The first starting point was the ethos; What am I

trying to achieve? Too often, in my opinion, recruiters get fixated in

the transactions that take place when hiring. We would like to do things


Build an understanding of what people are looking for, both client

and candidate, and recommend answers. Form the core relationship that

promotes harmonious solutions, which in turn drives our donations to

JDRF and Health in Mind.

Due to some personal allegiances to some specific charities, we have

decided that a percentage of the profits that Able Bridge Recruitment

make, we will be donating to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research

Foundation) and Health in Mind We feel that the work that the organizations do is life changing and much needed.

We want to be the bridge that accelerates your career

A safe, comfortable, and hassle-free careers support. Ideal workspaces make life easier and more productive.

Check out what clients say

"There is no escaping that the recruitment market is saturated with sales people, not interested in our business, mission or values."

"we had an urgent need to hire a temporary finance manager. I decided to get in touch with Joe as he has a good reputation for finding quality candidates quickly."


Talen Aquisition Lead

"Joe is extremely professional and knows his industry well. I relocated to

Scotland in 2011 and found Joe to be reliable, honest and effective. I found Joe’s approach extremely genuine and highly recommend."


Tax operations Vice President

"I have worked with Joe for the last 7 ½ years, as both a candidate and

recruiting manager, and he has always been my preferred ecruitment

manager in both aspects for several reasons."


Senior Finance Manager/Partner

Rutland House

Rutland Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2AE

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We want to build more than nice, shared office spaces. We want to build a community.

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