Over my career I have seen at first hand the recruitment process as a candidate and an employer. 2 years ago, I decided to launch my business, Able Bridge Recruitment.  The simple goal is to treat my candidates, suppliers and clients in the way that I would want to be treated.

2 years on and I took the time to reflect on the successes of Able Bridge Recruitment but also the areas in which we can improve.  One of the first and major challenges was to over come the pandemic which we all now hope is behind us.  For many businesses the uncertainties of lock down restrictions has been detrimental and although a few have done well out of the crisis, the majority have needed to find ways to survive.  We have survived, turned a modest profit and have emerged in a stronger position – So I think that this is a massive success.

Over the course of the last few years, relationship building has been the key to where we are now.  Investing time during the lockdowns and maintaining regular contact with candidates and contacts has proved to be invaluable.  The individuals who felt alone and isolated that we kept in contact with during the hight of the pandemic appreciated the endeavours at the time, and now that the employment market has spring boarded back into life, they are the first to reach out to us with new business.

There have been challenges along the journey though as well.  One of the biggest has been the ability to fit everything in.  When you want to be all things to all people it can be tough, and you find that time runs away from you quickly.  In a conversation that I had with a senior candidate a couple of weeks ago, they commented that due to the time and effort that I put into their job search they felt like they were the only person I was actively working with.   Good to hear they felt such a positive experience while working with Able Bridge even though I was working with many other contacts at the time. 

Another challenge has been to walk away from a customer when their expectations have been unreasonable.  Looking a financial services business, which was an SME sized organisation.  Our companies did not align as the terms of business were not equal and their attitude was that we should be grateful for their business (which we always are, providing there is value to both parties).  In other words there was not an equal partnership.  The question was, should we be grateful for the business at the detriment to our values – money is money?  We decided to stick to our values as we feel they are more valuable than the income we would have received.

Conversely, we focused our marketing activities at businesses the operate within the SME sector.  We felt that there would be value to add to these organisations and they were more likely to reflect the values of Able Bridge Recruitment.  My opinion has been changed and when we were approached by a financial services PLC to recruit a specific role, my initial reaction was that our businesses would not align.  This couldn’t be further from the truth, and we continue to support each other’s business in a collaborative and cohesive way.  The challenge was to a adapt and pivot to their requirements of scale yet still adding value.

Overall, a service business is judged by the experience a customer receives.  It is great to hear positive feedback and see the business grow.  It is tough to be all things to all people, however the one thing that truly makes Able Bridge Recruitment stand out is that any interaction you have with us is always on the basis of good will, honesty and transparency rather than the motivation of profits and revenue.

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