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At Able Bridge Recruitment our goal is to walk you through the

process in a step by step manor. At first we want to understand your

motivations for seeking a new role.

We then want to understand you as an individual from both a technical prospective as well as getting to know you and your personality.

Culture fit are as important as competencies in any successful job move. Finally our goal is to understand you and what differentiates you from your peers in the employment market.

Is a companies cultural identity obsolete in a post pandemic era?
My business, Able Bridge Recruitment is all about treating the people in the same way that I would want to be treated if I were on the other side of things.  I remind myself regularly to think about this, especially if I am about to engage in a difficult or awkward conversation.  But as the company grows and more employees join, does the moral fabric of a business change, and become less important?  Companies use the term “unique selling point” frequently when trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors.  I have frequently argued that the only unique selling point of…
What is a counter offer and are they good or bad?
When employees tender their resignation, their current employer will sometimes make a counter offer to persuade them to stay. Many employees accept these enticements. However, I’ve read that 80% of people who accept counter offers will leave their employment within 6 months and 93% of employees that accept counter offers will leave within 18 months!  As a recruiter of many years, and who has worked for blue chip recruitment businesses as well as independent, boutique employment companies throughout the UK, there is one consistent message, “Counter offers are bad”! Having looked into this recently, I am unsure as to where…
Actively encouraging good health and well being is critical to any businesses success!
Team night outs have been a mainstay in my career to date.  The industries and companies that I have worked in promote a culture of team building and nights out whether formal on a company funded occasion or just a Friday night where the pub is an informal gathering.  Earlier the week, I was listening to a podcast where two former football managers were talking about team spirit and general morale.  They were asked a question about allowing their teams out for big nights out.  The response really surprised me as the answer was yes.  If their team was having…
We value you in ways that cannot be expressed in money!
“Appraisals, are one of various performance management tools that aim to ensure employees’ performance contributes to business objectives” Given the year has been so strange and taking into account some companies have shrunk in output, targets have been unachievable, staff have been furloughed or companies have outperformed given their target market, how important are appraisals for reviewing the calendar period of 2020?  The problem with appraisals from an employee’s prospective is that it is an opportunity by your manager/the business to critic your work over the past year.  The problem with appraisals from a manager prospective is that you don’t…
In an ever changing employment market your CV could be key to a new job!
As a recruiter, one of the most common questions I am asked is; How long should my CV be?  Personally, I don’t think that there is a set size, however the information needs to remain relevant and the detail concise! In the 1990`s, when I started my career, I was told by various people that your CV should be no more than 2 pages!  I never understood where the magic number “2” came from yet this advice seems to have come from multiple channels such as careers advisors, lecturers, parents and other trusted individuals.  Taking the point of a CV…
“Be good to those on your way up, as you will certainly need them on the way down”.
In the 50`s and 60`s my grandfather (Edward) was a greengrocer.  He owned a chain of shops and built a business based on his reputation of being commercially minded and having honest values.  A situation arose in which Edward was aware stock (cigarettes), was going missing.  He marked his stock of cigarettes with a unique code and asked regular suppliers and customers (who smoked), if he could borrow a cigarette.  It wasn’t long before the perpetrator was identified.  Upon being challenged the individual admitted the “wrong” and explained that he had financial problems.  On reflection Edward chose not to involve…
Danger! Team building ahead
At some point during the year (and in some companies twice a year), a business will organise a corporate “team building” awayday.  Depending on the size of the company and the market that they operate within, the content of the day will vary as will the size and scale.   In my experience there are a few common denominators; annual awards, presentation reviewing the past years success, vision of the organisation’s future and then…. The bit that most people enjoy, the networking with colleagues, the party and…… the alcohol.  But this is the part where the dream becomes a metaphorical nightmare.…
I hate my job! But is it better the devil I know?
Approaching the job market can be a daunting prospect.  In many instances candidates are entering the job market when they are unhappy in their current job or are under the threat of losing their job.  These feeling are mostly negative, although other reasons could include promotion/career enhancement or potentially a re-location to another area. From a physiological point of view, when you are unhappy, the thought of putting yourself out there on public display can be nerve inducing and not an attractive proposition.  When looking for a new job, it can be seen as a draining endeavour and people, when…
Is dealing with stress just another sign of weakness?
A close friend has been distant of late!  Not making any social engagements and generally being introverted. In all probability, they are probably just busy and the pace of the work life balance is possibly out of kilter.  There is however, a slightly more sinister possibility.  Your friend, co-worker or associate is struggling with their mental health.  When speaking to a pal recently, it became apparent that for this individual, their health deteriorated over a number of months.  It was clear that the final straw was just that, the final trigger that resulted in a shutdown, everybody, including me, had…
Able Bridge Recruitment supports JDRF
Juvenile diabetes research foundation (JDRF), has been at the forefront of researching the cause, the cure and the prevention of type 1 diabetes.  Able Bridge Recruitment is committing to JDRF a percentage of our profits as a donation, to support the work and research that they do.      We are approaching the centenary of the discovery of insulin!  In the early 20th century, if you had type 1 diabetes, you had a fatal condition and your life expectancy was months.  Like multiple sclerosis (MS) and arthritis, type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease where the body’s own immune system attacks itself. …
Health in Mind
We all have mental health – some people’s mental health is better than others – however, it is a simple fact that many people forget.  Health in Mind is an organisation that was established in the early 80`s. Its aim was, and still is, to actively promote the use of community led care for those who struggle with their mental health.  To put it simply their aim is to strengthen the link people have with each other. Health in Mind was set up with volunteers and it still has more volunteers than paid staff (250 volunteers,  140 paid employees). This…
Human Resources
The human resources team within a company is an often an underappreciated department.
New Beginnings
The decision to start a new business You have a successful career!  You are supporting a family and have a moderate lifestyle! Why would you give this up?  This is exactly what I decided to do in July 2019.  I decided to start my own recruitment business.  With a small cash injection, the wheels were in motion.  Filled with fear, trepidation and dread, I spoke to my employer of nearly a decade and informed them of my decision. So, the planning began.  Where to start?  The first step was to write a sensible business plan that would keep me focused…
Can the use of analytics aid the functionality and decision making in an area of a business, like HR, that has been seen as being driven by human interaction and emotion?
Able Bridge Recruitment is an HR and Accountancy recruitment business. For a while I have felt that the two disciplines compliment each other and there are a lot of synergies in the work that both departments do in relation to the development, prosperity and health of a company.  Sometimes, however some of their functions are not utilised to their full potential (in my opinion)! Perception is powerful and when you are a “back-office function”, you can often be viewed as a burden to the business.  Looking initially at the accounting function, I have lost count of the number of times…
It wasn`t like this in my day!
The UK Government`s The Good Work Plan ( states “Since 2010 we have higher employment and lower unemployment in every region and every nation of the United Kingdom and wages are now growing at their fastest pace in almost a decade.” The article sites employment law and flexibility being the key metrics that underpin this success! Employment, retention and development has changed over the past few decades.  If you compare the workplace now to the 1990`s it is not a surprise that you see evolution.  If, however we look at a smaller timeframe, say 10 years, the landscape is totally…
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