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At Able Bridge Recruitment our goal is to walk you through the

process in a step by step manner. At first we want to understand your

motivations for seeking a new role. We then want to understand you as an

individual from both a technical prospective as well as getting to know

you and your personality. Culture fit is as important as competencies

in any successful job move. Finally our goal is to understand you and

what differentiates you from your peers in the employment market.

Once we have met you and have confidence that we know you, it is about breathing life into your story with our clients. We explain who you are and what value you can add to their company. All going smoothly we move onto the interview stage. At this point the focus changes to coaching

you for the interview. We need to narrate the company’s story to

you.Finally, all going well we are at an offer stage. Job offer

management is all about you!

We want to find out how you got on in the interview, what your thoughts are about the job, the company and the interviewer. Establishing a levelof potential interest is important as we can act as your consultant in gaining the best possible offer. Fundamentally we can advise you on the best way to progress whilst leaving you in total control.

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We want to build more than nice, shared office spaces. We want to build a community.

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