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Juvenile diabetes research foundation (JDRF), has been at the forefront of researching the cause, the cure and the prevention of type 1 diabetes.  Able Bridge Recruitment is committing to JDRF a percentage of our profits as a donation, to support the work and research that they do.     

We are approaching the centenary of the discovery of insulin!  In the early 20th century, if you had type 1 diabetes, you had a fatal condition and your life expectancy was months.  Like multiple sclerosis (MS) and arthritis, type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease where the body’s own immune system attacks itself.  In the case of type 1 diabetes, the pancreas (the organ within the body that produces insulin to regulate your blood sugar), is attacked meaning that the body cannot regulate the amount of sugars within the blood stream.

Believe it or not, the first animal to be treated with insulin was a dog (yes animals are also prone to the condition).   Shortly afterwards a 14 year old boy, who was close to death, was treated with insulin and survived the condition for a further 13 years.

Several years ago, my daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  We were immediately put in contact with JDRF and could see the great work that they do.  The fundamental premise of the charity is; “to fund type 1 diabetes research to improve lives and one day eradicate the condition for good”. 

Compared to 40 years ago, the treatment has evolved exponentially.   A friend of mine was diagnosed at birth with the condition.  He explains that as a child, his mum had a large bottle of insulin that she injected into him using a glass syringe.  Compared to now, we are administering insulin with smart, compact pumps attached to the body.  In some countries, it is administered using a pod/capsule and clinical tests are currently being held with artificial pancreases, which effectively control the condition in a similar way to the natural body.  These evolutionary treatments are, in part, down to the great work that JDRF do.

Whilst looking at the increased number of people who have type 1 diabetes, predominantly diagnosed in children, JDRF`s work is essential in the development of new treatments, research and a cure.  This is why Able Bridge Recruitment is committed to supporting the organisation in the work that they do.  For more information please go to     

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