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We all have mental health – some people’s mental health is better than others – however, it is a simple fact that many people forget.  Health in Mind is an organisation that was established in the early 80`s. Its aim was, and still is, to actively promote the use of community led care for those who struggle with their mental health.  To put it simply their aim is to strengthen the link people have with each other.

Health in Mind was set up with volunteers and it still has more volunteers than paid staff (250 volunteers,  140 paid employees). This is a key reason that Able Bridge Recruitment is keen to support Health in Mind in their vision and the services that they aim to deliver.

The charity offers over 40 services on a regional basis and 2 that are across the whole of Scotland. These services vary and include;
Befriending and connecting services,
 Trauma Support
Self Management support which aid the ability to self-regulate and self-learn responses to certain triggers,
Peer support for people from minority ethnic  communities with relevant, compassionate support groups that understand the intricacies and subtle cultural differences that exist within society. 

Fundamentally, the organisation is here to make a positive difference to the lives of people  in Edinburgh, the Lothians and the Scottish Borders.  Able Bridge Recruitment is committed to donating a percentage of our profits into the continual delivery of these key services in an environment that is constantly stretched.  For more information, please visit the Health in Mind website

Able Bridge Recruitment is a specialist recruitment company that operate by placing accounting and finance staff into contract and permanent jobs.  We operate throughout the central belt with and cover all levels of appointments.  For a listing of current vacancies please feel free to have a look on our website       

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