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At Able Bridge Recruitment our goal is to walk you through the

process in a step by step manor. At first we want to understand your

motivations for seeking a new role.

We then want to understand you as an individual from both a technical prospective as well as getting to know you and your personality.

Culture fit are as important as competencies in any successful job move. Finally our goal is to understand you and what differentiates you from your peers in the employment market.

New Beginnings
The decision to start a new business You have a successful career!  You are supporting a family and have a moderate lifestyle! Why would you give this up?  This is exactly what I decided to do in July 2019.  I decided to start my own recruitment business.  With a small cash injection, the wheels were in motion.  Filled with fear, trepidation and dread, I spoke to my employer of nearly a decade and informed them of my decision. So, the planning began.  Where to start?  The first step was to write a sensible business plan that would keep me focused…
Can the use of analytics aid the functionality and decision making in an area of a business, like HR, that has been seen as being driven by human interaction and emotion?
Able Bridge Recruitment is an HR and Accountancy recruitment business. For a while I have felt that the two disciplines compliment each other and there are a lot of synergies in the work that both departments do in relation to the development, prosperity and health of a company.  Sometimes, however some of their functions are not utilised to their full potential (in my opinion)! Perception is powerful and when you are a “back-office function”, you can often be viewed as a burden to the business.  Looking initially at the accounting function, I have lost count of the number of times…
It wasn`t like this in my day!
The UK Government`s The Good Work Plan ( states “Since 2010 we have higher employment and lower unemployment in every region and every nation of the United Kingdom and wages are now growing at their fastest pace in almost a decade.” The article sites employment law and flexibility being the key metrics that underpin this success! Employment, retention and development has changed over the past few decades.  If you compare the workplace now to the 1990`s it is not a surprise that you see evolution.  If, however we look at a smaller timeframe, say 10 years, the landscape is totally…
The Cycle
For almost 20 years, I have been recruiting into various industry sectors and providing different professions with market knowledge and employment services.
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